Pat Tynan Top 10 Reasons to Visit Kilkenny

Have you visited Kilkenny? What’s stopping you? There’s an abundance of reasons to visit this beautiful, medieval town. We have rounded up the top 10 reasons you should explore this historical place and venture on a guided walking tour with Pat Tynan. Why not look!

The Home of Ireland’s Most Famous Witch, Dame Alice Kyteler

Have you heard the amazing tale of Dame Alice Kyteler and her maidservant, Petronella? This incredible story took place within the medieval walls of Kilkenny more than 700 years ago. Learn about her 4 husbands’ mysterious deaths and how she escaped witchcraft charges. What happened to her and her loyal maidservant, Petronella?

Visit Kilkenny to find out everything about Alice Kyteler and her family!

It’s The City of The Infamous Cats

Whether you’re a fan of hurling or not, you will have heard of the success of the Kilkenny Cats, but where did their infamous name come from?

Discover the origin of this nickname and learn about the famous Kilkenny tale of cats. Explore this revelation and more on a guided tour of Kilkenny.

Best Pint of Smithwick’s & Guinness In Kilkenny

Do you consider yourself a Guinness or Smithwick’s connoisseur? Are you constantly trying to find the best Guinness or Smithwick’s that Ireland has to offer?

There are many great pubs in Kilkenny that serve both drinks Langton’s Pub, O Riada, John Cleere, Kytelers Inn, and one of Pat’s most favourite pubs as a local Kilkenny pub is Syd Harkin’s who serve one of the best pints of Guinness and Smithwick’s in Kilkenny and Ireland.

If you still have doubt, why not try it for yourself! And while you’re here, visit some of our other local pubs and enjoy a true Kilkenny experience. With so many pubs available, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice!

Known As “The Marble City”

Did you know Kilkenny is known as the “Marble City”? Kilkenny was once a walled town and the beautiful walls and many of the bridges are made of polished limestone, which turned to black marble.

Get an in-depth tour of the walled town and see the limestone structures up close. The remarkable buildings are a sight to behold and not one to be missed! Go on, see what you think

Medieval Capital of Ireland

Kilkenny was once the Medieval Capital of Ireland in 1642 and it has a rich heritage running through its streets and landmarks. Travel back to the 13th Century in Kilkenny and learn about its famous characters, such as Bishop Led Red and his many friends and enemies.

The actions and story of these people will astound you! Or perhaps, you will agree with their actions. There’s only one way to find out!

Beautiful Architecture

Kilkenny is home to an array of stunning buildings, including St Mary’s Cathedral, which boasts magnificent stained-glass windows amongst other amazing features. There are 9 churches and 2 cathedrals, all of which tell their own stories.

Plus, enjoy a nice drink in one of the 70 cosy and inviting pubs in Kilkenny. While you’re there, take a stroll along one of the many bridges over the River Nore and take in the gorgeous sights that Kilkenny has to offer.

A City of Two Towns

Not many counties consist of two towns, which is why Kilkenny is a county like no other. The wonderful medieval city was once divided into 2 parts, or towns: Irish town and English town. Visit Kilkenny to find out how this division came about and where the towns connect.

Where else could you step on the border between 2 famous medieval towns?

Origin Of Famous Black Death Account

Many of us are familiar with the Black Death or Bubonic Plague, but did you know one of the most famous accounts of this terrible era was from a man living in Kilkenny?

Friar John Clyn was based in St Francis Abbey in 1348, where he detailed the horrifying details of the Plague and its effects on the locals. Visit the place where he carried out his work and learn more about the friar himself.

Famous Festivals Celebrating Irish Art & Culture

Over the years, Kilkenny has become a hub for exciting cultural festivals, including Savour Kilkenny, Cats Laugh, Arts Festival and The Roots Music Festival. Experience culinary delights, incredible comedic performances, art from new, Irish artists and much more.

Each festival focuses on promoting Irish businesses, artists, and performers and with so many festivals taking place throughout each year, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit you and your friends or family.

So, there’s our top 10 reasons to visit Kilkenny. If you have any others or need more information, let us know.

If you do make your way to Kilkenny, make sure to book a walking tour with Pat Tynan for a remarkable experience and to hear expert stories of 800 years of Kilkenny’s history!

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