Some advice and help before you book your tour:

Here you’ll find some questions that travellers often ask regarding information on the tours, the booking process, and visiting Kilkenny.

If your question is not here, please get in touch.

Before Booking:

  • Instant Booking – Is my booking confirmed instantly?

    Yes. If you have booked online at least 48 hours in advance, your tour is confirmed. You will receive an email from our booking engine confirming your payment. If you do not receive this email, please phone us to double check.

  • Last Minute tours – Can I book last minute tour?

    If you want to book less than 48 hours before the tour start time, you must call us on (+353 87 2651745) before hand to confirm guide availability. Do this before submitting payment. This is important during the High and Low season.

Group Size

  • What is your max/min group size?

    Maximum – For groups (students, corporate & tour groups), 30 pax is ideal. If your group is larger than 30, we will look at providing a second guide to split the group in two. The reasons for these limits are:

    • Safety – The bigger the group, the less comfortable it is for the visitor walking along the small footpaths and it also becomes more difficult for the guide to deliver a professional tour service.
    • Tour Experience – The further you are away from the tour guide the less likely you are to hear or see them. It is important to hear all segments of the tour.
    • Comfort – It is important to create your own personal space while on tour and that there is not over crowding on the busy streets.
    • Etiquette – The bigger the group on tour the less comfortable it also becomes for locals on the streets and footpaths.

    Minimum – Over the years we have often taken one person on our tours. Our more common group size is 2 pax. Small or big groups the same professional guide service is delivered to our customers.

    For private tours there is no minimum, but the pricing has a minimum. It varies by each tour, but it reflects the duration of each tour, therefore the price per hour. I do a number of private tours which I enjoy, and the purpose of a private tour is to create a personalised experience for a group of friends/family who already know each other, and their travel needs.


  • Can we pay in Cash?

    In order to secure your tour booking, all payments must be made in advance through our website. Payments can be made by credit/debit card or in certain circumstances, by bank transfer, provide the funds reach our bank account before the tour start date. In exceptional cases, payment in cash may be accepted, at our discretion.

  • Credit Card – How do I pay for tour?

    By default, if you book a tour on our website you are offered to pay by credit card. All payments by credit card are processed by our secure third-party booking engine, therefore they will handle all your payment information.

    For customised tours, you can also pay by bank transfer – let us know and we will prepare an invoice for you.

  • Can I pay a deposit, or do I have top pay the full amount?

    WE require the full amount to be paid at the time of booking. This is partly because we are certain that your tour will be delivered. The advantage for this is that you only need to make one payment rather than two. So you wont need to worry a few days before your flight if you have paid the outstanding balance in time.

  • Cancellation – What is your cancellation policy?
    • If you can no longer do the tour on the date you booked, we will do our best to reschedule. Please do keep in mind it may not always be possible due to guide’s busy schedule. The amount of the refund depends on when you cancel the tour. Unless stated otherwise in your booking confirmation, this is our general cancellation policy.
    • 15+ days before: 80% refund (we retain 20% to cover admin costs)
    • 14-8 days before: 50% refund
    • 7-0 days before: 0% refund
    • All cancellations must be discussed via e-mail or phone. Booking fees are non-refundable.
    • If we have to cancel the tour – and we will only do this in extreme circumstances – you will get a full refund.
    • For further details pleas see our terms and conditions.
  • Quality – How do I know your guide will provide a quality experience?

    We train our guides in to deliver a quality experience tour in Kilkenny. We make sure they are experience guides with a real passion for their city and their subject matter. Our guides are trained in to tailor each tour to the needs of every visitor.

  • What languages do you offer tours in?

    Currently, we mainly offer tours in English. But we do make sure language is not a difficulty in booking our tour by speaking slowly on tour so you can understand our tour.

  • Where can I find out about your tours?

    If you are interested in one of our tours and you need more information, please call us and I will tell you about these tours.

  • Should I bring anything for the tour?

    A working mobile phone. This is in case the guide needs to contact you if there are any last-minute changes.

    Comfortable shoes. The distance we cover on tour is compact, but we do stand a lot on the tour so consider this when choosing your footwear.

    A sense of wonder, humour and openness to really enjoy your tour experience.

  • How much walking does the tours involve?

    As Kilkenny is a very easy and compact city to walk around many of our historical sites are close together. It does depend on which tour you do.

    The Medieval Mile Tour covers the Medieval Mile so is just over 1 mile.

    The Ruby Tour covers 3 miles.

    The Ecclesiastical Tour covers 3.5 miles.

Tour Customisation

I would be delighted to create a custom tour for you in Kilkenny city. I would recommend in a custom build tour to include inside visits to St. Canice’s Cathedral and Rothe House and possibly to include a coffee break as well.

Services & Inclusions

  • What is included in your tours?

    Visiting the attractions stated in the itinerary or an agreed upon itinerary that you and the guid have agreed.

    Once the guide can grant you access to the site for free, it can be included in your itinerary.

    Entry to paid attractions, provided the appropriate add-on has been purchased during the tour booking.

    The opportunity to ask for our expert advice about other attractions and amenities in Kilkenny.

  • What is not included in the tour price?

    Entrance fees to the places visited on the tour, unless the tickets were included on the total tour fee paid. For example, we explore the history of the exterior of St. Canice’s Cathedral, Rothe House and Kilkenny Castle but all these attractions provide guided tours for you by booking directly with them.

  • What is tipping etiquette like in Ireland? Do I need to tip my guide?

    Tips are always welcome at the end of the tour. In Ireland tipping is normally expected in the service industry, including tour guiding.

    For tour guides the tip is normally 15-30%


  • What are the sites/attractions we visit on the tours?

    The sites visited during a tour depends on which tour you book. If you select the page for a specific tour, you will find the list of sites/attractions included in the tour.

    There will be plenty of opportunity to take photos on the tour so the tour is not rushed.

After booking

  • I am going to be late for the tour. Who should I contact?

    Call 353 87 2651745 immediately or send a text to this number.

Planning Issues

Accessibility – How accessible are your tours for people with disabilities?

Luckily Kilkenny city is very flat and compact and all of Kilkenny’s attractions are nearby.

I have done many mobility tours before which have involved some rest stops, opportunities to sit down, short tour routes avoiding cobbles and steps as much as possible.

Travelling with Children

  • Are your tours suitable for young children?

    It does depend on which tour you book. But in general, our guides are experts at catering to any traveller so they can easily keep children engaged and entertained.

Transport and Travel

  • Do you know a good place for food in Kilkenny?

    Our guides will inform you of the many good eating hostelries in Kilkenny. Also please keep in touch with my blogs on eating places in Kilkenny.

  • Where can we park when we get to Kilkenny?

    Kilkenny city has three very good public car parks. Dunnes Stores Car Park in Bateman Quay. The Ormonde Car Park in Ormonde Street. The Market Cross car park in Parliament Street. All of these car parks will display their parking prices or hourly rates.

  • Are there Public Toilets?

    Yes, there are Public Toilets on the parade near the Kilkenny Castle and also in the market Cross Shopping Centre.

Irish Weather

  • Are Irish Summers hot?

    That is our wish! No, they are very rarely very hot. Ideally the temperature range while exploring a city is 17-23C (63-73F). Sometimes it can get cooler in mid-August and the low season. So, wear trouser, shirt, sweater and light jacket.

  • Do you still have more questions?

    If you have some more questions please contact me on [email protected] and I will return an e-mail to address your concerns.