Kilkenny Walking Tours 2021 Return June 5th

Health & Safety

Our Walking Tours are outdoors and social distance practice will operate on our tours for customer health & safety. Our guide will also wear a face covering to protect our clients. Forgive us if we do not give you our normal friendly hand shake during this period. Kilkenny Walking Tours take no responsibility for any incidents that could occur on tour.

St. Francis Abbey

St. Francis Abbey was founded in 1234 for the order of Franciscans. The Franciscans had a great tradition of brew making and in 1710 the Smithwick's family started brewing their famous Smithwick's Ale on the site. Friar John Clynn kept one of the great Irish accounts of the 1348 Black Death with his account unfinished as he died from it in 1349.

Black Abbey 1225

One of the highlights in the Black Abbey Dominican church 1225 is the Great Rosary Window dating from the 19th century. A replica of the original 13th century window destroyed by Cromwell's soldiers in 1650.